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Build The Advisory Business 

You Have Always Wanted

Own Your Practice

You Will Own Your Practice

At Shorebridge, it is our core belief that established advisors should own the practice and have the flexibility to run their business in a way that brings the most value to their clients.

Buy/Sell Agreements

We Offer Buy/Sell Agreements With Our Advisors

We are a familial organization. When an advisor joins our team, we offer the ability for the advisor to sign a buy/sell agreement if they want to ensure their loved ones and their clients are offered the protection they deserve.

Your Own Brand

Build Your Own Brand

While owning your practice, you have the ability to build a brand using various marketing channels such as blogging, video, social media and more.

Operational & Administrative Support

We Provide the Operational and Administrative Support You Need to Run Your Business

Our goal is to provide the staff, tools, technology, compliance, office space and resources you need to thrive in your practice without the headaches of doing it all on your own.

Collegial &

Collegial and Supportive Work Environment

While our advisors love their independence, that doesn’t mean they want to do it alone. We have purposefully built our Shorebridge culture to be a place everyone is excited to be each day.

Compensation to Support Growth

Compensation Structure That Supports Your Growth

While you retain ownership of your practice, we offer an attractive compensation arrangement that keeps your interests at the forefront.

Simply Put...

If you are looking for the camaraderie of a team, but the independence of running your own business, Shorebridge may be the right fit for you.

If you would like to hear more about how we are different, please contact us at daniels@shorebridgewm.com or call Ashby Daniels at (412) 742-4861.